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Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy: Practicing a Politics of Reading

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Christopher P. Long

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Recently, I have been working on two performative publications. The first, my enhanced digital book to be published by Cambridge University Press entitled: Socratic and Platonic Politics: Practicing a Politics of Reading, argues that Platonic writing is political in the sense that it is designed to cultivate a community of readers committed to integrating the question of the just, the beautiful and the good into their relationships with one another. By writing dramatic dialogues that depict an enigmatic Socrates engaged with idiosyncratic individuals, Platonic writing requires its readers to cultivate a hermeneutic imagination that, when applied to concrete human interactions, has the capacity to open new possibilities of more just and enriching relationships. By publishing it as an enhanced digital book that encourages its reader to share their annotations and participate with the author of the text in an ongoing conversation, the hope is to put the community of collaborative readers for which the book argues into practice.