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As I Remember It: Teachings (Ɂəms tɑɁɑw) from the Life of a Sliammon Elder

Elsie Paul
McKenzie Davis
Paige Raibmon
Harmony Johnson

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Elsie Paul with Davis McKenzie, Paige Raibmon, and Harmony Johnson

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Publisher's description

"Raised by her grandparents on their ancestral territory on the Sunshine Coast, Elsie Paul of the Tla'amin Nation spent most of her childhood surrounded by the ways, teachings, and stories of her people. As her adult life unfolded against a backdrop of colonialism and racism, she drew strength and guidance from the teachings she had learned. In As I Remember It, she shares this traditional knowledge with a new generation in an engaging style and innovative format. With this immersive online publication adapted from Written As I Remember It, readers can learn about the Sliammon language, listen to Elsie tell her stories, and watch short animations of legends and events. They can navigate by theme - Colonialism, Community, Territory, Wellness - explore the contents through interactive maps, browse the audio and visual galleries, or make use of the instructional materials designed for teachers and students." -- About this Book.

Experimental aspects:

This media-rich, multi-path book offers a rare glimpse into the life of a Coast Salish woman and the history and lifeways of her people. It stands as a model for collaborative research, learning and digital storytelling. As I Remember It also makes a contribution to Indigenous language publishing. The book is set in Aboriginal Serif, designed by Chris Harvey of Languagegeek to enable speakers of Indigenous languages throughout the world to use their language on computers and the Internet. The book is built using a custom version of Scalar, a born-digital, open source, media-rich scholarly publishing platform designed by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture.

This book respects Indigenous protocols, and uses digital tools in imaginative ways to make knowledge accessible and shareable across communities and generations. Especially when it comes to facilitating content in digital formats with open licensing, this raises some complex issues around intellectual and cultural Indigenous heritage, and how to enable respectful access to make culturally sensitive research, writing, and publishing accessible. As I Remember It makes use of Traditional Knowledge Licenses, which are labels (similar to Creative Commons labels) that help readers engage with their publications in a manner that is respectful of the rights, governance, and cultural practices of the communities represented in them. They for example make clear that some of the communal knowledge represented in their publications is not individually owned so much as collectively stewarded.