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The Turing Way: A Handbook for Reproducible Data Science

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The Turing Way Community

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The Turing Way is an open source community-driven guide to reproducible, ethical, inclusive and collaborative data science. Its goal is to provide all the information that data scientists in academia, industry, government and the third sector need at the start of their projects to ensure that they are easy to reproduce and reuse at the end.The book started as a guide for reproducibility, covering version control, testing, and continuous integration. However, technical skills are just one aspect of making data science research “open for all.” In February 2020, The Turing Way expanded to a series of books covering reproducible research, project design, communication, collaboration, and ethical research. This project is openly developed and any and all questions, comments and recommendations are welcome at our github repository. The book is collaboratively written and open from the start. To make this project truly accessible and useful for everyone, we invite you to contribute your skills and bring your perspectives into this project. To join this community, please read our contribution guidelines and ways to get in touch. More information about the community and the project is available in the Community Handbook. We look forward to expanding and building The Turing Way together.